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    ExperTrans Global Company is an award-winning translation agency and an industry leader in providing professional Spanish translation services.

    ExperTrans Global Company may surprise you if you have not heard about us before. But with those who have partnered with ExperTrans, we are always the number one option and trust-able selection. ExperTrans Global Company is a Vietnamese translation agency which was established in 2005. We are an expert in providing not only Spanish translation services but also over 170 other languages and offering a wide range of services apart from translation services, such as interpretation, voices-over, dubbing, subtitling and staff solutions. Moreover, our translation process are honored to be certified ISO 9001-2008 accreditation for our perfect procedure and quality translation.


    ExperTrans Global Company is able to satisfy all requirement from any client. Generally, one client always searches for these information before deciding to use the Spanish translation services:

    _      The reputation of translation company: It is no doubted that ExperTrans Global Company is a trust-able and big-scaled company. Starting from a small firm in 2005, now, we have a chain of offices across many countries and continents, such as Thailand, Australia, Germany, Myanmar, USA, France, Japan and India. If we are not a big company with clear visions and missions, we cannot develop with this amazing pace

    _      The quality of Spanish translation services: Quality of Spanish translation services is the most important. Understanding that, ExperTrans only recruit the native Spanish translators who are efficient both in Spanish and another language. They are not only experts in language but also have experience in dealing with one of these specific domains, for example: marketing, arts and culture, hospitality and tourism, technology, IT, economics, accounting, law, healthcare services, power, architecture, etc. All of our clients’ needs are fulfilled when working with us

    _      The delivery time: If any translation company takes you several weeks or a month to handle your Spanish translation services. Forget it! Generally, ExperTrans only spends 3-5 days to translate a medium document . With simple Spanish translation document, this time may be shortened to only one day. We promise that our Spanish translation services will be delivered at the shortest turnaround time for clients’ convenience

    _      The cost of Spanish translation services: Some translation companies may charge you a high cost for Spanish translation services. Please have a thought before getting a deal! Spanish is not a language of minority community, so, the translation fee is not too much. If you feel suspicious about this cost, you should ask for clarification of cost breakdown. At ExperTrans, the cost of Spanish translation services as well as other services is structured transparently with no hidden fee. Basically, the cost of translation will be calculated by the number of words in source documents. Therefore, most of our clients can know approximate amount that they have to pay

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