In current international markets, notably in Asia Pacific region with a number of promising investing destinations such as Korea, Singapore, Japan, China, Malaysia, Thailand, there is an increasing demand of globalization solution services. The success of international trade has further stimulated more business owners to expand their markets in foreign countries. Some of the industries are highly competitive; so it certainly makes sense to hit as many potential markets as possible.

ExperTrans Global – The Great Globalization Solution Service Provider

ExperTrans Globalization Solution Services’ include

  • Language Service
  • Staffing Service
  • Business Process Outsourcing Services (BPO Services)

Once globalization has reached every corner of the world, your company might look for a method of subcontracting various business-related operations to a third party. ExperTrans Global Company was born to meet this need. With headquarters in Asia Pacific, ExperTrans Global’ mission is becoming the strategic partner of enterprises with efficient & effective outsourcing services to assist clients focus on core competences and optimize business. Beside it, ExperTrans always make unceasing endeavor to foster an ideal environment for our staffs and shareholders to make ExperTrans Global become their second home.  


Services List

  • Certified translation services - Expertrans

    Nowadays, there is a rising demand of translation services all around the world for both its quality and scale. Finding certified translation services is significantly important to many businesses, organizations and even individuals. Expertrans Global is one of the largest providers of certified translation services in various countries in the world.

    Certified translation services - Expertrans

    It is undoubted that translation service of Expertrans Global is recognized as professional and high-quality services by large number of enterprises who used our services. Our company has  taken a relentless effort in order to build and improve the quality of our translation services. That is the reason why our customers always satisfy with our services.

    Why should you choose Expertrans Global?

    Customers come to Expertrans Global for three key reasons: fast turnaround, attractive cost, and good customer services. In terms of time, our company has the ability to provide translation in a very short time that depends on the requirements of customers. Each translator or staff will be responsible for only one project, therefore, the quality can be ensured as well as translation is delivered on time.

    Regarding the price, at Expertrans Global, customers are committed to having a very attractive price that no translation agencies have. Your translation will be completed with the maximum of transparency and accuracy, but it still has a plausible cost. Our company publics our translation prices to all customer then they use our certified translation services.
    About customer services of Expertrans Global, it is practiced by the professional staff that has high responsibility to work. Whenever you access to our services or need some advice related to translation services, they shall give you useful suggestions as well as solutions.

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    Certified translation services in Singapore

    Certified translator in Singapore

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    Certified translation services covering 30 different fileds

    Certified translation services - Expertrans


    Our company provides certified translation services in various areas,focusing on technique,manufacturing, life science, finance and banking, IT/software/website localization  and the quality is committed with the highest level.  Expertrans Global can provide certified and professional translation services thanks to our experienced and skillful translators and interpreters. Our company only works with professional translators from different parts of the world and of more than 170 different languages. We choose and select the best applicant to take part in the Expertrans Global translation process.  Moreover, our company also uses state-of-the-art technological devices to support our translator and to raise the quality of the translations.

    For many years, Expertrans Global gives priority on interpretation services for it crucial important. Now, the need of this service is huge because demanding of communicating to international world play an important part to the development of a country or a company. Interpreters have a vital role in international conferences to help people get the ideas and understand each other. Therefore, Expertrans Global focuses on developing interpretation sector of our company to meet the demand of our customers on the globe.

    There are many reasons for people to use translation services of Expertrans Global. Our company has a wide range of services and make sure that we can satisfy our requirements. We can commit that certified translation services of our company will be the best ones compared to translation services of other agencies. If you still have any question, call for help or you can leave a quote and we can call back in about 15 minutes.