In current international markets, notably in Asia Pacific region with a number of promising investing destinations such as Korea, Singapore, Japan, China, Malaysia, Thailand, there is an increasing demand of globalization solution services. The success of international trade has further stimulated more business owners to expand their markets in foreign countries. Some of the industries are highly competitive; so it certainly makes sense to hit as many potential markets as possible.

ExperTrans Global – The Great Globalization Solution Service Provider

ExperTrans Globalization Solution Services’ include

  • Language Service
  • Staffing Service
  • Business Process Outsourcing Services (BPO Services)

Once globalization has reached every corner of the world, your company might look for a method of subcontracting various business-related operations to a third party. ExperTrans Global Company was born to meet this need. With headquarters in Asia Pacific, ExperTrans Global’ mission is becoming the strategic partner of enterprises with efficient & effective outsourcing services to assist clients focus on core competences and optimize business. Beside it, ExperTrans always make unceasing endeavor to foster an ideal environment for our staffs and shareholders to make ExperTrans Global become their second home.  


Services List

  • Chinese translation services in Singapore

    Chinese translation services in Singapore

    Chinese is considered as one of the top languages in use in Singapore and globally. Hence, Chinese translation services in Singapore is not a new service. However, identifying a good translation provider to take care of your valued project is not easy and may take a lot of your resources in terms of time, budget, manpower and effort. Expertrans Global, with 10 year reputation in language services, would be honored to offer you an efficient solution for your translation project.

    We provide translation services for all sectors

    Chinese Translation in Singapore

    Chinese translation services in Singapore

    Why choose Expertrans' Chinese translation in Singapore?

    Always on-time:

    Timing is a key factor to a successful business. The rapid growth in competitiveness leaves no room for delay. When looking for translation services, how do you know if they are capable to deliver timely work? Our large translator team is always ready to begin your request at any time and we allow no lateness excuse. 

    Reasonalbe cost:
    Partnership with Expertrans actually is budget optimized for both your translation project and the whole business. We offer a competitive rate and willing to customize a special package according to your requirements. A free quote is also available promptly when you contact us.

    Professional translators:

    Translation may appear to be an easy thing to do internally while actually it is not. Translation require both experience and knowledge of translators. That's why Expertrans only uses skillfull and native staffs and applies modern translation technology like Translation Memory which will definitely save you a lot of time for your large and/ or subsequent projects, while giving your documents consistency.

    Dedication and sound knowledge:

    Despite the popular use of Chinese globally, Chinese language itself is complicated enough to be correct translated into another language. The complexity of this language derives from its origin whereby it is actually a group of linked language varieties.

    It is even more complex as dependent on the diversified cultures and contexts it is used. Hence, Chinese translation without clear knowledge and caution will definitely lead to imprecision, which is barely acceptable in any translation document. Imagine all the tiredness of back and forth communication just to have an unusable document. 

    Expertrans offer Chinese translation services in Singapore which will never be a poor investment for you to consider. Our services give your business a well optimized solution in terms of time, budget, manpower and effort. Do not hesitate to contact us now for your enquiry.