Providing excellent Korean translation and interpretation services

Being one of the fastest growing economies in Asia as well as a unique and charming culture, South Korea is now a fascinating destination for both investors and world travellers. Thanks to the Internet, people are now living in a flat and digital world, giving us the opportunity to learn about a new culture from a various sources wherever we are. The only obstacle that seems to be hard to handle is language difference. But it’s not a difficulty anymore as you can rely on a reliable Korean translation company to provide Korean translation and interpretation services.

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The advantages of Expertrans Korean translation and interpretation services

1. Competitive pricing & fast translation

With great benefit of modern technology, Expertrans’ experienced team of Korean translators is able to provide better and quick translation. We can name here some of the most used CAT tools at Expertrans such as Trados, Wordfast and MemoQ. Those software work as a “terminology bank” that allows translator to update terms in the translating process and automatically detect the phrase if it appears in the rest of document. You will see this advantage reflects on the short turnaround time and lower cost for large and specialized content.

2. Whatever your document expertise is, we have the right translator for you

Korean Manufacturing Document Translation: Manufacturing, construction and technical translation are our strengths as we have been working with those kinds of document for 10 years. In addition, Expertrans has a team of qualified and experienced translators as well as a developed terminology list for each sector. We are confident that Expertrans can provide Korean manufacturing translation with the best quality and pricing.

Korean Legal Translation: This type of document requires both high precise rate and consistency of terminology using. Our Project manager will assign the best translators who have the most experience on legal document to handle your projects. With us, your documents arein good hands.

Korean Website/Software Translation: We now have a new term for website, software and IT translation – Localization. Localization - as its name suggests focusing more about local lifestyle and culture of the targeted audience. With Expertrans, you will have a translator who understand your customer’s perception to deliver suitable translated content and our desktop publishing expertsto do typesetting work.  

Banking/finance Translation: Quick turnaround, security and quality - that are some advanced features of our Korean Banking – Finance translation services. Any volume and any time-frame, we can support you to the best with not a single missed deadline. 
We can do best with Asian language pairs which including English to Korean translation, Korean to English translation and between Asian languages such as Korean to Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, Khmer, etc.

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3. Professional and high-quality Korean interpretation services

Expertrans provides a full range of interpretation services with a network of interpreters who are working in different domains. Please contact us to get consultation about what type of Korean interpretation service will suit your event and let us give you the best solution.

  • Korean Consecutive Interpretation
  • Korean Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Korean Remote – Telephone Interpretation

In addition, we also specialize in serving other Asian languages including Chinese interpretation, Japanese interpretation, Lao interpretation, Thai interpretation, Khmer interpretation and Burmese interpretation.

4. Expertrans supplies all types of Korean language services

  • Korean Voice-overs Services
  • Korean Subtitling, Captioning
  • Korean Dubbing Services
  • Korean Transcription Services
  • Korean Staffing Solutions

All your questions and feedbacks are welcome here at Expertrans. Don’t hesitate to contact us via email or call to one of our representative offices. 

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