Lao translation and interpretation services

If you are eyeing Laos as the next destination for investment but worrying about the way to access the growing market in Southeast Asia in term of language comprehension, Expertrans Global can erase such worry by our number one service of Lao - English translation and vice versa. 

  • Highest-quality translation 

With 10 years fame in language translation services, Expertrans Global, among the modest number of companies providing this unique service, is proud to cater you highly-skilled and experienced translators who are 100% Lao native speakers and qualified in English language skills. Hence, our company’s strictly selected Lao translators ensure to provide you the most precise translation. Our quality management system with the internationally-recognized registration of ISO 9001 - 2008, we guarantee the final outcomes to be delivered at the accuracy rate of up to 99%. In the past years, we have successfully dealt with more than 100 major projects for Lao - English translation and nearly 200 big projects for English - Lao translation. The figures are significant when you take into account the difficulty of the Lao language among others.

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  • Mining/Infrastructure/ IT/Finance and Legal translation - Core services

Despite the fact that Expertrans covers a wide range of fields in the language translation industry, we are prioritizing our service of Lao - English translation and English - Lao translation in the realms of mining, infrastructure, IT, finance and legality. The reason is that Laos is rich in natural resources, especially mining and hydropower. Meanwhile, the four rest sectors have been drawing attention of foreign investors into Laos in the past few years since Laos joined the World Trade Organization in 2013 with more open economy policy. 

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Manufacturing translation

Life Sciences translation

Finance & Banking translation

IT/Software translation

  • Added-value translation services

What we provide you more is what is beyond the physical translated document. It means our Lao - English translators who are Lao natives can share with you their knowledge in the ever-changing business and investment environment in Laos such as changes in investment bids or policy uncertainty in the midst of natural resources boom.

Their wide and in-depth knowledge not only helps the translation to be precise but also provide your with a better understanding of how business policy runs in Laos. Thus, you will be able to navigate procedure hurdles and reach to the best outcome of your negotiation with Lao counterparts.

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  • On-time delivery

It is undeniable that late submission of translated document will make a diverse impact to your business progress. Moreover, for business circles, time is counted as money, time determines success, especially in the fast-paced business settings nowadays. To that purpose, Expertrans Global ensures to handle the translation to you timely, satisfying your need at the time you need, consequently, contributing to your business success. Rely on our partnership will propel your achievement. 

  • Lao interpretation services

Whenever and wherever you need Lao native interpreters, pick up your phone and call to Expertrans. We offer a wide range of interpretating services as listed below:

Expertrans: Expert in Lao - English translation

The outstanding features that we outlined above contribute to the on-going utilization of our Lao translation service by a number of Lao state agencies in the fields of law, trade and investment. We have also had a big deal business with Lao private sectors who have been using our translation services with trust and satisfaction. It is our honor to be your long-term strategic partners in translating Lao - English documents. We commit to be by your side to assist you with our professional Lao translators on your pathway of success in business.

Since Lao is considered to be the third-level in term of difficulty in learning and studying, it is harder for you to find any other translation companies but EXPERTRANS GLOBAL with our certified Lao translation services. 

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