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Multilingual Staffing

Due to the fast pace of globalization, there is a huge increase in the need for local language solutions. Expertrans are fully aware of this trend, striving to provide clients with experienced and professional multilingual staffing including talented translators, linguists and interpreters.


Multilingual Staffing


Thousands of clients have placed their trust inExpertrans, having their needs satisfied.  We have 60 skillful in-house staffs and a powerful network of over 3000 linguists who are responsible for helping clients in breaking down language barriers, exploring new markets worldwide, and promoting international cooperation.

Expertrans gains unparalleled access to a huge pool of qualified candidates to supplement your human resources. Whether your requirements are for full-time, part-time, seasonal, short-term project or contract engagements, Expertrans can offer you with multilingual staffing which will go beyond your expectations.  


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