Legal Translation

Legal translation is supposed to be one of the most difficult field since it requires the utmost high level of precision while contains a wide range of specialized vocabularies and terminologies. A slight misuse of one word can result in a totally meaningless document or worse, possible disputes and litigations. No enterprises would want to fall in this situation. Therefore, finding a reliable translation provider is such an important step to take. With more than 10 years of experience, the excellent translation services of Expertrans Global aim to bridge the success of your project.


We provide accuracy: As mentioned, the importance of precision is undeniable in legal documents. Expertrans translators are qualified and knowledgeable in different fields. They have expertise in using correct law terms and legal definitions who will definitely provide a translation of the highest accuracy. The whole translation process is also conducted under the strict supervision of a quality control team, who ensures the final translation is up to the high standards of ISO 9001-2008 and EN 15038-2006.

We provide punctuality: Timing is very important in business and even more essential in legal matters. Expertrans manpower is sufficient with high expertise to support even your most complex enquiry. Hence, never can we miss your timeframe due to a lack of resources. In 10 years of operation, we have resolved several huge requests, which gives us great confidence to complete any complicated project in a short timeline as we progress.


We provide security: Confidentiality is obviously a must when it comes to legal matters. Expertrans work ethic bonds us to the utmost security for clients. Our modern technology and virtual tools have given us great support in terms of information protection. There is no single chance of information leakage in our translation system.

Using a professional provider should be in a serious consideration if you have a legal translation need. This is for your sake of accuracy, punctuality and security. As a reliable translation provider who is recognized globally, Expertrans is capable of offering all or more of the above requirements. We would feel honored to become your strategic partner as we did to many VNR500 and Fortune 1000 enterprises. Contact us now for information and a free quote.