In simultaneous interpretation, participants wear headphones, an interpreter will talk when the speaker, the content interpreted into the target language. As a result of this type of interpretation requires a high degree of centralized level, simultaneous interpreters usually work in a team of two or more people. Under normal circumstances, translatorswork in a soundproof booth, the working environment so that everyone can focus on their work without having to listen to interference in another language.

Because this model can save time, it is necessary to convey a lot of choice for meetings and seminars information. Using audio equipment also means the number of people with disabilities to participate without restrictions. expertrans will provide you with professional simultaneous interpretation services.

Sound interpretation service

Our excellent simultaneous interpreters usually work in pairs and use the latest technology to provide accurate translations and perfect service. When your business or organization needs conference microphone service, simultaneous interpretation, or language service, you just make a phone call to our professional staff, we will provide a team of specialist equipment and services.

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