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The economic renovation starting in 1986 has changed not only the dynamics, motivation and the norms of the economy but also the root of thinking and expertise on business management with the application and continuous updating of marketing and marketing planning approaches in Vietnamese-owned businesses and organizations.

In recent time, under the light of new Marketing approach presented by Philip Kotler in his book “Marketing 4.0” with the new model of Marketing 5A, the debate on applying AIDA or 5 A in the process of strategic & executive marketing planning has been raised. Hence, more and more marketing leaders from the top global companies such as Coca-Cola or Tiffany to local SMEs, as well as many other professional marketers raised their voice and expressed their concern on how to apply this model in the real context of 2018 on personal blogs, professional forums, and social network sites. Frankly speaking, there is no clear argument, guideline or practical approach given to guide the companies, specifically, the SMEs to have a clear road for applying AIDA or 5A into their 2018 marketing plans.

Marketing 5A basically is explained by Philip Kotler as a marketing & communication approach will assist enterprises and brands to make changes in the path to pursue their outcomes by gaining sales and loyalty of the end-customer along with customers’ purchase journey affected and intervened remarkably by the rapidly changing technology in the recent years.

The 5A model goes through from “Aware” to “Appeal”, to “Ask”, to “Act” and “Advocate”. It should be not perceived simply as a “transformative version” of AIDA (Attractive, Interest, Desire, and Action) but a new approach of marketing & communication in a new era of business development based on digital platform revolution.

Naturally, a qualified mix marketing & 360-degree communication strategy & plan of Vietnamese SMEs need to be improved not only from the big concepts but also in executive actions. Specifically, the platforms, channels, and vehicles of marketing & communication should be optimized with a strict set of KPIs and tracking tools, which enables the SMEs to optimize their advertising cost, save the expenditure, increase sales and margin to improve their competitive capability.

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