ExperTrans provides dubbing services in a variety of languages. This service will assist your company in developing or strengthening your business in international markets by getting your message out there in many different languages. We have the capability to work with most multimedia formats:

  • DVD composing to combine the images, text and sound into a multilingual version on a single medium
  • Audio dubbing for films, PowerPoint presentations, slideshows, websites, etc.
  • Dubbing of automated telephone messages
  • Dubbing for podcast and video podcast programs and recordings

Benefits of Foreign Language Dubbing Services:

  • Recordings made using the best native-speaker voices, speaking without any accent which might be considered foreign in the target country.
  • We keep a close eye on the recording session, because you do not always have the time to come to the studio
  • Create a soundtrack for your website

At ExperTrans, we have the know-how to meet all of your requirements, including advertising, multimedia, telephony and interactive services – and we can do this in any language.

Dubbing Services

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