The Client

Hanoi urban railway lines Cat Linh – Ha Dong was constructed and the entire route is expected to put into operation in 2018. The investor is the Vietnam Railway Administration, and the contractor is Group Co., Ltd. China Railway 6th Bureau.

The Challenge

Vietnam Railway Administration cooperated with Group Co., Ltd. China to construct Hanoi urban railway lines Cat Linh – Ha Dong in order to solve part of the travel needs of people from the west of Hanoi South into the city center, gradually reduce congestion, promote economic and social development. However, different languages used in the project were a barrier for both the investor and the contractor.

The Expertrans Solution

Expertrans Global Company is a global professional services company that brings extensive experience in the execution of large scale translation/interpreting projects and a standardized system to manage these contracts successfully. With experienced experts in the fields of language translation, our team was responsible for translating a 4000 pages document of Hanoi urban railway lines Cat Linh – Ha Dong project from Chinese to Vietnamese accurately. The translation met the architects’ requirements and contributed to the success of the project

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