About the Client

Japfa Group (Java Pelletizing Factory) was established in January 1971 as a joint venture between PT Perusahaan Dagang & Industry Ometraco and Internationlale Graanhandel Thegra NV of the Netherlands, operating in the fields of food production, breed provision, processing of products from cow for meat, cow for milk, marine aquaculture, and processing. Since its establishment in Indonesia at the beginning of the 1970s, Japfa Group has had its members located in many countries such as India, Vietnam, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, China, Australia, Singapore, etc.

Client’s Requirements

Japfa Vietnam searched for English – Vietnamese and Japanese – Vietnamese Simultaneous Interpreters for a conference focused on Business Administration. There were over 200 attendees at this 3-day conference.

This medium-sized event with the participation of strategic guests required to trained simultaneous professionals, who had excellent English, Japanese and Vietnamese skills, and years of experience in Economics.

Expertrans Global’s Solutions

Founded in 2005, Expertrans Global has built a prestigious brand name in the language service industry in Vietnam by successfully completing over 30,000 projects and serving more than 20,000 organizations and companies around the globe. This was the reason why Expertrans was trusted and chosen to implement this Japfa’s interpretation project.

After 14 years, Expertrans Global has built a strong team of highly professional English and Japanese interpreters, 100% of them have undergone the most rigorous language training in the industry. Thus, we quickly found the most appropriate simultaneous interpreters as Japfa required. As a result, Expertrans Global received excellent feedbacks from Japfa Vietnam.

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