About the Client

Questra World Company provides services of marketing strategies development and implementation aimed to improve customer business, create Internet platforms and organize informational and educational events. Its mission is to become the number one advertising company in the world, providing all partners of the company, as well as its employees and agents, with a stable and guaranteed result in the achievement of the goals.

Client’s Requirements

In August 2017, Questra World held a New Opportunity for Investment Conference with the participation of over 2,000 attendees.

Questra World’s event needed the support of a professional simultaneous interpreter team, which could help interpret from English to Spanish and vice versa in 1 day. Besides, this conference also needed to be fully equipped with cabins, microphones, and headphones for all guests.

Expertrans Global’s Solutions

Founded in 2005, having rich experience of providing Interpreters and Equipment for over 3,000 projects at any size for more than 20,000 entrepreneurs and organizations around the globe, Expertrans Global has raised a prestigious brand name in the language service industry in Vietnam. As a result, we were trusted and chosen to implement this project for Questra World.

¬†After 14 years, Expertrans has built a strong team of highly professional English and Spanish interpreters, 100% of them have undergone the most rigorous language training in the industry. Our human resource advantages and state-of-the-art technologies had greatly contributed to the success of Questra World’s conference.

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