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Uryu & Itoga is a law firm established in 2005 through the merger of a law firm providing domestic legal services and international legal services related to East Asia co-founded by Kentaro Uryu in 2002, and a law firm handling international legal matters with a focus on Japan-Sino relations and emerging countries founded by Ryo Itoga in 1985. Uryu & Itoga combine the strengths of their constituent firms to offer legal and other services of the highest quality in Japan, as well as China and Vietnam.

Uryu & Itoga Advisory Service Vietnam Co., Ltd is specialized in rendering investment and business advisory services to foreign enterprises (mainly Japanese Clients). Its Holding Company is Soga Uryu Itoga, a well-known law firm in Japan.

Our Services

On March 20th, 2013, a long-term cooperation contract on nuclear power English-to-Vietnamese translation was successfully concluded by Expertrans Global., JSC and Uryu & Itoga Advisory Service Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Expertrans Global., JSC is engaged in providing nuclear power translation service to many famous and powerful corporations and manufacturers in the world. After being taken into account among various strong rivals through extremely tough selection, Expertrans Global., JSC was successfully awarded with the Contract and become the official partner of Uryu & Itoga.

The signed Contract between Expertrans Global., JSC and Uryu & Itoga Advisory Service Vietnam Co., Ltd is a noticeable event marking the success and nonstop development of Expertrans Global., JSC especially in the translation of documents concerning nuclear power.

The trust from Uryu & Itoga Advisory Service Vietnam Co., Ltd is not only our honor but also a great drive encouraging Expertrans to continuously develop and offer Clients with the best-quality translation services.

We, not only the leaders but also translators, editors, and QC staffs, are all the time determined to successfully fulfill our duties and responsibilities as per the Contract with Uryu & Itoga Advisory Service Vietnam Co., Ltd, making Expertrans Global become the leading translation company in Vietnam.

From the bottom of the heart, we would like to express our sincere thanks to Uryu & Itoga Advisory Service Vietnam Co., Ltd for their trust and co-operation. We undertake to successfully complete the translation project with the best quality in compliance with agreed translation schedule approved by the Parties.

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