Difference between interpretation and translation

Interpretation service and translation service are closely related to each other. However, translation deals with written text while interpretation is an oral translation. Each job requires different skills. A translator can use a dictionary and/or reference materials; express the document clearly into the target language with their writing ability. Meanwhile, an interpreter must translate either consecutively or simultaneously at the spot without the help of any dictionary.

How to be a good interpreter?

In this progressing integration environment, you have to be really good to be successful in the interpretation service. But what does it mean? Some tips below may help you find the right answer:

Interpretation service: How train yourself into a good interpreter?

1. Have the appropriate skills

You need to be well trained to deliver a quality interpretation service. Essential skills for this job include analysis and research, note taking, good memory and of course, excellent language skills. Regular practice is very important to make sure your skills are well maintained.

Interpretation service: How train yourself into a good interpreter?

2. Prepare yourself with as much information as possible

Good preparation is always worthwhile. You should acquire knowledge on the matter you are going to deal with, know who you are interpreting for and what cultural difference you need to pay attention to. Clients are usually willing to give you a useful background and/or reference materials. Be assured that they will see you as a responsible and enthusiastic partner to collaborate with.

3. Always be on time

Being an interpreter means you are indispensable for the meeting. Without the interpreter, there is no communication, which means the meeting cannot be conducted. Thus, allow you extra time to arrive and prepare yourself in advance, especially when equipment needs to be set up. Professional interpretation service never goes along with lateness.

Interpretation service: How train yourself into a good interpreter?

4. Do not panic if making mistakes

Even the best interpreters can sometimes make mistakes. Hence, as soon as you realize your mistake, try not to be panic, apologize and correct yourself. In case you do not understand something, ask for repetition or clarification. Accuracy is much more important in an excellent interpretation service.

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