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Nowadays, translation is very popular with our lives. With the continuous development of science and technology, the translation is being developed rapidly and increasingly expanding the market to the world. However, translation is not a sector with too much fluctuation.

Depending on politic, economy and society situation, many different trends are focusing on languages and formats. It is foreseen that there are not many changes comparing with the one in 2017, translation trends in 2018 will have some note following things:

  • Video translation: The changes of marketing trends will lead to the shift of approaching information of global citizens, people often prefer receiving information in images, videos voices to receiving it in traditional reading methods because they can save their time but have enough information when they use their manners. For instances, just posting attractive clips on social networks- YouTube, the companies can capture the target audience as well as achieve expectation revenue, so the demand for listening services is increasing in popularity. That is why translation companies should grasp this trend and promote the recruitment of employees with excellent listening skills. Moreover, companies should also focus on finding ways to approach customers effectively. It can show that the companies always catch up with the trends as well as be foremost in updating the knowledge related to translation, language.
  • Mobile application localization: Like a trend, many people look for information through mobile phone, it means that in the process of finding customers, you can not skip the mobile users. Otherwise, you will give up a large number of potential customers in the market. Optimizing your phone for global customers is an essential question that the suppliers are looking for the answer. Furthermore, the surge in demand for using the mobile phone to search for information makes mobile application translation services becoming a breakthrough in 2017.
  • Multi-lingual website: The demand for multi-lingual web content will drastically increase. The rapid increase in the use of the Internet is becoming wider for businesses to reaching out to partners and global customers. However, in the process of globalization, these businesses have difficulties in discussing because of language barriers. Therefore, SEO written in different languages will be an opportunity for the companies to approach more customers as well as increase revenue. In other words, multi-lingual SEO will become essential. This is where multi-lingual SEO comes in, which involves more than merely translating your keywords.
  • Developed for domain arrays: Companies and customers are increasingly targeting niche markets bringing more benefits so that they can be small countries or remote regions. Google translate has included in the new language system, the number of users is low, but it is necessary for integration process, which is certain that Google translate will be a formidable opponent and occupy the most significant market share for the people who are the orientation in translation. Some of the domain languages are Google translate into the system such as Amharic, Corsican, Hawaiian, Kurdish (Kurmanji), Kyrgyz, Luxembourgish.
  • Machines vs. human translation: Use of machines will increase, but not come out ahead. As the demand for translation increases, so will the use of machines. However, translating web content, marketing copy, etc. doesn’t boil down to a simple word-for-word translation that you would get from a machine. To convey a brand’s identity and the appropriate message, a human needs to interpret what is being said – beyond the actual words – and then find the right way to say it in the target language.

It is quite hard to capture the translation market because it doesn’t have many changes. However, current trends in translation are quite special and interesting, and I think it will have different appearances in positive ways in the next years. What about you? Do you have the same thought as me? Let me know your opinion.

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