The Client

Brother International is one of the most famous companies which specialize in manufacturing laser printer, multifunction printer, fax machine, and sewing machine, etc. Brother Vietnam, which is a branch of Brother Singapore, was established in 2009. Brother Vietnam provides customers with special and reliable products.


The Challenge

ISO quality standard defines, establish, and maintain an effective quality assurance system for manufacturing and service industries. With the aim of satisfying customers and producing environment-friendly products, Brother Vietnam prepared for ISO quality standard documents for register the certificate of ISO. However, Brother Vietnam faced difficulty in translating documents. That was the reason why Bother Vietnam required a flexible and accurate translation solution.

The Expertrans Solution

ExperTrans Global Company is a global professional services company that brings extensive experience in the execution of large scale translation/interpreting projects and a standardized system to manage these contracts successfully. With experienced experts on translation, Expertrans translated accurately 700 pages ISO quality standard document from Japanese to English and from Chinese to English for Brother Vietnam. The trust from Brother Vietnam is not only our honor but also a great drive encouraging Expertrans to continuously develop and offer Clients with the best-quality translation services.

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