Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Companies in the life sciences industry from pharmaceutical, and biotechnology companies to medical devices, agriculture, and healthcare providers face a multitude of challenges when entering global markets. Some of these include complying with increasing regulatory requirements, the need for highly accurate translations, shortening product lifecycles, driving down costs, and improving service provider and patient interactions.

We are ExperTrans Life Sciences - one of the best language service providers in Southeast Asia specialized in Life Sciences sector.

Our knowledge bridges the life sciences spectrum, from standard medical labeling to complex clinical content, from small manufacturers and CROs to the largest pharmaceutical and medical device companies. All while providing your organization a seamless, assured experience every step of the way.

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Being an enthusiastic member of ATA, ELIA and AATI and a reliable partner of the world famous brands and organizations in top VNR 500 and Fortune 1000, we have gained reputation and creditability for providing language solutions with over 100 language pairs, specialized in Southeast Asia market, with qualified translators/ interpreters in Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and other languages.

We have accumulated industry-specific knowledge and capabilities, which include trained and qualified resources, in-country healthcare subject matter experts, specific life science processes and quality assurance procedures, as well as an advanced infrastructure for managing review cycles. From these advantages, we have signed a long-term contract with famous biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device companies such as STADA, SANOFI, GSK, NOVARTIS, NSK and NOVO NORDIS.


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ExperTrans Life Science delivers:

  • Accurate translations with quality assurance
  • Subject matter experts well versed in industry-specific terminology
  • Reduced time-to-market for all content including product information, web elements, training, customer support and human resources
  • Best advice for working with regulatory agencies such as the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and European Medicines Agency (EMA)
  • Streamlined internal and external translation review process
  • Improved translation outsourcing processes
  • Support for the European Medicines Agency’s product information management regulatory standard for data exchange in the pharmaceutical sector

For more details of our services, please find the attached credential of the ExperTrans Life Sciences.


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