It is said that the translation is the art of reading experience, while interpretation refers to the art of life. In order to translate successfully any field, you must have a good understanding and experience performing the same subject. It is stressful for a person who has never worked with construction documents, and now he has to introduce a plan with the terms such as braces, beams, foundations, concrete, formwork, bedding, etc. 

Outstanding features of our Interpretation services

  • High-quality, reliable interpreting services at unbeatable prices
  • Professional and experienced interpreters
  • Full support of equipment management

At Expertrans, interpreters are selected with experience in the relevant field, language skills, social understanding, motivation and good communication skills. Quality of interpretation is guaranteed by only using local interpreters, qualified and experienced.

How to find interpreters who are eligible for a successful negotiation?  The best solution is to contact an interpreter before seeing your customer, provide the documents and discuss with them about objectives of the meeting.

Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services - what are the differences?

Interpretation pricing

For the benefit of customer, Expertrans provides customized packages for different needs. Pick up your phone to get consultation and quotation from our friendly staff! We guarantee our price is the most competitive in the industry.



Consecutive interpretation can be considered as the most recognizable form of interpretation. Spoken words are interpreted into the target language as soon as the speaker finishes speaking, or in periods of around 5 minutes. This is where the term consecutive applies; the two languages are spoken one after the other. When this type of interpretation is used, the interpreters rely heavily on taking notes so that they do not have to work exclusively from memory.

Expertrans provided consecutive interpreting for Golden West

Expertrans provided consecutive interpreting for Golden West 

This service can be used at any event with a few people, for example bilingual meetings, business meals, classes, seminars with a small audience, among many others.

ExperTrans’ interpreter network includes thousands of experienced and expert interpreters who have worked in multilingual industry for years, and we are sure that will be able to help you boost your business growth with our exclusive interpreting services.

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Simultaneous (conference/cabin)

In simultaneous interpretation, participants wear headphones, an interpreter will talk when the speaker, the content interpreted into the target language. As a result of this type of interpretation requires a high degree of centralized level, simultaneous interpreters usually work in a team of two or more people. Under normal circumstances, translatorswork in a soundproof booth, the working environment so that everyone can focus on their work without having to listen to interference in another language.

Because this model can save time, it is necessary to convey a lot of choice for meetings and seminars information. Using audio equipment also means the number of people with disabilities to participate without restrictions. expertrans will provide you with professional simultaneous interpretation services.

Sound interpretation service

Our excellent simultaneous interpreters usually work in pairs and use the latest technology to provide accurate translations and perfect service. When your business or organization needs conference microphone service, simultaneous interpretation, or language service, you just make a phone call to our professional staff, we will provide a team of specialist equipment and services.

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Remote – Telephone

Remote – Telephone interpreting

Telephone interpreting is a service that connects human interpreters via telephone with individuals who wish to speak to each other but do not share a common language. The telephone interpreter converts the spoken language from one language to another, enabling listeners and speakers to understand each other. Interpretation over the telephone most often takes place in a consecutive mode, which means that the interpreter waits until the speaker finishes an utterance before rendering the interpretation into the other language.

Remote – Telephone Interpreting Services

Also with other kinds of instant interpreting services, we can help you integrate this service into your organization using technology including dual handed telephones, conferring facilities, speaker phones, or simply by talking you through the process of handing the phone around effectively.

Remote – Telephone Interpreting Services

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