In the globalization era, language issues have become more important than ever to businesses and corporation. Works related to language, such as translation is an essential component of globalization. With global resources and local expertise, ExperTrans Global provides the highest standard of translation quality with core values including ACCURACY, SPEED, and CONFIDENTIALITY.


We offer Translation Services for over 50 language pairs covering below fields:

  • Manufacturing
  • Media
  • Education & training
  • Life science
  • Travel & hospitality
  • E-Commerce site
  • IT/ICT
  • Legal


Manufacturing Translation Services

ExperTrans is proud to help the global manufacturing industry meet their vast multicultural communication needs. At ExperTrans, we have experience providing a wide range of manufacturing translation services and manufacturing interpreting services to engineering firms, chemical companies and food and beverage providers, among others. As more and more manufacturing companies continue to expand into new and emerging international markets to increase global market share, the need for professional, accurate and culturally correct manufacturing translation services in this industry sector continues to rise.

manufacturing translation serviceExperTrans’ network of Independently Contracted Linguists have a wide range of experience serving our manufacturing clients in over 50 language offerings and meeting the specific and unique language services needs of this global sector. Listed below are some of the many translation, localization and interpreting services ExperTrans specializes in for the manufacturing industry.

  •     Service, Maintenance and Policy Manuals
  •     Product Labeling, Packaging and Catalogs
  •     Operating Instructions
  •     Training Materials
  •     Health and Safety Documents
  •     Regulatory Documentation
  •     User Manuals
  •     Patents
  •     Call Center Telephonic Interpretation
Financial Translation Services

In the financial and legal sectors, providers are serving a client base that is increasingly multi-national. They must deliver promotional and service information in multiple languages that are culturally appropriate and meet local regulatory requirements in order to maintain market share. ExperTrans has the experience, scalability, and expertise in-country to help companies in the finance and legal sector achieve their globalization objectives.


An integrated solution from ExperTrans allows you to:

  • Speed up authoring while lowering process costs
  • Reuse approved and legally correct content
  • Improve content consistency and quality
  • Build a strong international brand
  • Streamline localization processes

The result? Quicker time to market and a consistent customer experience wherever you are in the world.

ExperTrans works with the world’s leading finance and insurance companies to ensure they maintain their competitive advantage.

  • High quality translation supported by a global infrastructure of offices worldwide
  • Global Brands rely on ExperTrans
  • The in-house translation team in the industry works to ensure consistency in tone and messaging
  • A single point of contact for all your projects, removing complexity and streamlining communication
  • ExperTrans’s best-in-class technology is utilized for terminology management and translation management
Life Sciences Translation Services

Companies in the life sciences industry from pharmaceutical and biotech companies to medical device and healthcare providers face a multitude of challenges when entering global markets. Some of these include complying with increasing regulatory requirements, the need for highly accurate translations, shortening product lifecycles, driving down costs, and improving service provider and patient interactions.
Global life sciences companies rely on ExperTrans to accelerate time-to-market for their products while preserving the highest levels of quality to meet regulatory requirements.

Life Sciences

Expertrans – Life Sciences Translation Services

ExperTrans delivers:

  • Accurate translations with built-in quality assurance
  • Subject matter experts well versed in industry-specific terminology
  • Reduced time-to-market for all content including product information, web elements, training, customer support and human resources
  • Best practices advice for working with regulatory agencies such as the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and European Medicines Agency (EMA)
  • Streamlined internal and external translation review process
  • Improved translation outsourcing processes
  • Support for the European Medicines Agency’s product information management regulatory standard for data exchange in the pharmaceutical sector
Software Translation Services

The old adage “time is money” takes on new meaning in today’s global technology market. Winning technology developers and providers are reaching more buyers in more regions of the world faster than their competitors. Simultaneous distribution of software, consumer electronics, and other technologies is no longer the exception; it is expected.

ExperTrans has set up its services for technology and software companies to reduce time to market in target regions while also ensuring code and message are written for the local audience. We offer competitive pricing and rapid turnaround. All translation work is assigned to in-country engineers and editors.

ExperTrans integrates language and localization technologies to streamline content retrieval; collaboration among translators, editors, and testers; and delivery of completed work back to the customer with the ability to work within their internal content management systems as required.


Technology translation services include:
Website Translation
• Localization Engineering and Testing
• Internationalization
• Certified Translation
• In-Country Review
• Marketing Materials, Publications, and Labels
• Desktop Publishing (DTP) and Custom Formatting
• Multimedia—Coding, Dubbing, and Subtitling

Media and Entertainment Translation Services

The Media & Entertainment industry is one of the fastest growing. ExperTrans is called upon for subtitles, voiceovers, dubbing,transcriptions, and on-site interpretations from the originating source language into all the relevant languages and dialects.

There is an art to translations for the Media & Entertainment industry. Subtitling a feature film or localizing a video game requires not only precision, but also the ability to creatively adapt, paraphrase, and localize content for your target audience. A phrase that is funny in English may be offensive in another language. Translation is the skill that bonds individuals, organizations, and corporations through the sharing of information and ideas.

Media and Entertainment

Fully cognizant of this, ExperTrans selects talented translators and localization consultants who not only speak the language—they were born to the culture. Our language consultants are fluent in the local dialect, culturally relevant idioms, and the latest slang in the target countries. Our specialists know which cultural references and expressions will entertain, and which will fall flat. Multiple rounds of editing and proofing guarantee that the substance and style of the spoken word isn’t lost in the translation.

ExperTrans provides broadcast quality subtitles and voiceovers for TV programs, commercials, videos, DVDs, and webcasts. We create culturally relevant marketing materials and advertisements, and translate and localize web content for leading news, business, sports, and entertainment websites.

Government Translation Services

ExperTrans specializes in providing premier government translation services and government interpreting services to various agencies of the Government over the world, and across the nation. By delivering an unsurpassed level of linguistic quality in more than 170 language offerings, ExperTrans enables a multitude of government agencies to meet their requirements


With subject-specific preparation, and extensive experience in the government field, our network of Independently Contracted Linguists are able to ensure that all foreign language communication is conveyed clearly and with cultural accuracy. And with the capacity to respond quickly to ever-changing requirements, as well as an innovative real-time reporting system, ExperTrans dramatically increases your agency’s level of goodwill and overall operational efficiency.

Advertising and Marketing Translation Services

As you take your advertising or marketing message to your global target markets, you face the daunting challenge of producing international communication that is culturally appropriate and in the native language of your market’s foreign locale.

Now, more than ever, you need a translation service provider who understands your marketing and advertising message and can deliver translations of uncompromising quality with exceptional client services. ExperTrans has the expertise and deep experience to provide you with skilled resources, including a large network of experienced and certified translators and interpreters, multilingual desktop publishers, project managers, Web site localization specialists, and a friendly and knowledgeable staff.

ExperTrans has the language capabilities and expertise to develop foreign-language versions of marketing collateral, brand, message, brochures, press releases, advertisements, labeling, packaging, Web sites, internal and external communications, and much more. Whether you require translation services for your advertising or marketing message or multilingual copywriting with desktop publishing services, ExperTrans is your clear choice for all your translation needs.

Non-Profits and Associations Translation Services

ExperTrans alleviates the daily struggle of non-profit organizations to meet their ever increasing budgetary demands through special fee structuring in conjunction with our program. With the heightened ability to communicate to broader markets, non-profits are now able to expand their donor base to include the foreign language communities whom they serve more and more each day.

ExperTrans is committed to assisting non-profits to continue the vital work that they do. Non-profit organizations and associations such as educational institutions, hospitals, private foundations, and publicly-supported charities benefit from our discounted fees and are able to afford quality translations at a minimal cost. We have been impressed by the generosity demonstrated by these emerging communities, a direct result of the improved ability of the non-profits to communicate.

Non-Profits and Associations

ExperTrans’ special fee structure for non-profit organizations encompasses a broad range of document translations including:

•           Instruction manuals

•           Brochures

•           Information pamphlets

•           Web sites

•           Organizational descriptions

•           Mailings

•           Annual reports

•           Newsletters

Consumer Products and Retail Translation Services

Through our wide range of consumer products and retail translation services and interpreting services, ExperTrans has successfully helped some of the world’s largest consumer products and retail companies expand their brands into new and emerging global markets and communicate with their vast multicultural audiences. We are proud to provide professional translation services and professional interpreting services support to companies across the entire consumer products and retail industry sector, including hotels, food and beverage providers, luxury brands, retail apparel stores and grocery stores, among others.ExperTrans’ Consumer Products Translation Practice Group has enabled some of the world’s leading companies to effectively reach out to an increasingly multicultural audience of customers, employees, and stakeholders.

Consumer Products and Retail

The Independently Contracted Translators that serve the multicultural communication needs of ExperTrans’s consumer products and retail clients have specific experience in this industry sector, ensuring clear, concise, accurate and culturally correct translation and localization of your messages and overall brand. Our linguistic resources have an unparalleled understanding of brand voice and the intricacies involved in adopting that voice to a global market. ExperTrans provides not only unparalleled translation services, but also every aspect of communicating your brand message across the world.

Energy Translation Services

ExperTrans is the leading provider of translations and language services to the world’s premier energy & power generation companies. With state-of-the-art technology and 24/7 staffing around the globe, ExperTrans provides the highest quality translation and localization in the industry and a single point of contact for every project.

We have the language skills and subject-area expertise to meet all of your communications needs—from translating a geological study, product datasheet, or HSE report to scheduling interpreters for client visits or employee training.


The world’s leading energy companies rely on ExperTrans to meet their global communications needs. Our rigorously selected network of over 4,000 professional linguists, our production capabilities, and our capacity to deliver unmatched translation quality are the reasons why ExperTrans is the partner of choice for the top energy companies in the world.

Our ISO 9001:2008-certified linguists have expertise in the energy industry and related fields, and our offices across the globe can provide unrivaled turnaround times and 24/7 support. This infrastructure enables us to provide the most customized solutions in the industry. Our dedicated team of professionals has experience in areas such as:

  • Equipment and Services
  • Exploration and Production
  • Power Generation
  • End Users
  • Industrial
  • Refining
  • Energy Transportation
  • Marketing and Trading
  • Renewables and Utilities
Travel and Tourism Translation Services

The most respected companies in the travel and tourism industry rely on ExperTrans to communicate their multilingual “voice” across the globe. By combining cutting-edge technology and the world’s most stringently tested linguists, ExperTrans Translations’ Travel Industry specialists enable you to adapt your business and communication models to suit any international customer base.

Whether a hotel or airline, tour operator or car rental agency, reaching out to diverse audiences – be they employees or consumers – can be crucial to growing your brand and increasing profitability in the highly competitive travel and tourism industry. Expertrans Translations can design effective global language and business solutions to meet your travel industry–specific requirements – for any market, any language, and any deadline.

Travel and Tourism

ExperTrans’s global presence, unparalleled breadth and depth of experience, and ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance certificationensure that you will receive the industry’s highest level of service.

Document Translation Services

Document Translation Services

ExperTrans help to boost your business with all types of translation including:

  • Bidding and Projects Translation
  • Economics and Financial Translation
  • Technical Translation
  • Political, Social and Cultural Translation
  • Medical Translation
Document Translation
1. Bidding and Projects Translation

In operation, many enterprises must prepare bidding documents in which their content and language aspects are attached with great significance. If accuracy of the bidding documents are not ensured during translation into foreign languages, their opportunities to win the bid will be minimized.

A decisive factor for bid award is contents of the bid. When such contents are approved, your opportunity to be a bid winner significantly depends on the accuracy of the translated bidding documents and appropriateness between the source language and the target language, etc so that the partners can understand contents of the bidding documents. This is surely to be confirmed by everyone!

The most important goal of language translation in the bidding documents is to thoroughly grasp the nature of translation. Being a professional translation company, ExperTrans will help you transform special fields in an accurate and proper manner, converting the language in your bidding documents into a sharp and accurate language, enhancing your chance to become a bid winner.

ExperTrans has successfully translated the bidding documents of various key clients in special fields such as construction, electronics, telecommunication, hydropower, and so forth. ExperTrans is proud to have been a strong contributor to the success of clients in the past few years.

Confidentiality of bidding documents is very important. It is also a significant factor helping your company to get ahead of other contractors and become a winner. ExperTrans is pledged to keep secret all translated documents and bidding documents in accordance with the Company’s confidentiality policy.

2. Economics and Financial Translation

Currently, our economic and financial documents are mainly the financial statements of various kinds, stock exchange reports, economic and investment bulletins.

We always introduce the standard financial statements of different kinds edited by native language experts in finance and accounting. Such financial statements will be referred to in the next translation.

Thanks to strong bonds with partners in the fields of financial investment and securities consultancy services, our special experience is further enhanced. We are committed to learning and updating information to better serve our customers.

3. Technical  Translation

Nowadays, science and technology are growing at an amazing speed. A question raised for the expansion of each agency, organization and individual in particular and the development of the entire society in general is how to catch up with such growth rate to operate and speed up the system smoothly and continuously. A possible answer is to wait in front, update the information and apply scientific and technological achievements into real life in a quick and effective manner. ExperTrans will be a pioneer in helping its clients make the most out of their technological investments.

In order to install, operate, activate or repair a device, a detailed and accurate description must be made. Can you imagine what significantly adverse impacts a disordered technical translation process would have if a piece were deviated?

With each technical document, our professional translators will overview entire source files and produce a glossary. This simple step is a guideline for the target file, making it easier for end-users to digest and use the material. With extensively experienced translators, effectively supported by specialized dictionaries and over 100 updated professional books, the technical documents will no longer be a great challenge to ExperTrans.

Generally, engineers have to spend more time comparing electrical circuits or processes when the translated version is different from the original with most user manuals being in hard copies. This is also a challenge for companies which are not specialized in image processing.

4. Political, Social and Cultural Translation

ExperTrans offers translation services for political, social and cultural documents to individuals and organizations with the highest quality and speed at the most affordable costs.

With support of translators who are well-educated and extensively experienced with B.As, M.As and PhDs, translation in cultural, social and educational fields, in fact, becomes our strength.

The social and cultural document translation requires translators to have wide knowledge and good command of languages. Totally aware of this, we set high recruitment requirements for social and cultural translators. Such translators must be careful, responsible, owning at least 3 years of experience in translation and well-educated in such fields.

Regardless of an article, an education project, a course book or a research to be translated, only the most knowledgeable and experienced translators and editors are assigned the task. Such task is also put under the supervision of a modern and professional workflow management process. Therefore, we strongly believe that you will be satisfied with ExperTrans’ service quality.

Thanks to that, we are currently a reliable partner of many governmental agencies, social and cultural organizations, domestic and international magazines and publishers.

If you wish to have an accurate, professional andproperly designed translation in terms of social and cultural aspects, we will be your best choice in current Vietnamese translation market.

5. Medical Translation

Medical translation is a highly specialized field that requires translators to be equipped with terms/jargons and profound knowledge about medicines.

Our medical translation team includes professors, doctors and physicians working at research institutes, and especially veterans who have retired and are still participating in studies.

How will your documents be processed? The hospital discharge, prescriptions, drug instructions, user manuals of plants and equipment, especially pharmaceutical processing procedures are processed accurately and responsibly. For a normal translator, this can be seen as a great challenge.

The following are some medical documents we have translated:

  • Endoscopy
  • Endocrinology
  • Cardiovascular Ward
  • Dental documents
  • Diagnosis, etc
  • Medicine instructions…

We understand that when translators process these documents, they are handling people’s lives. With a professional code of conduct, conscience and knowledge, we assure absolute accuracy.

Book Translation Services

Book translation is conducted at a high level fashion. It requires not only high accuracy but also higher consistency in terms of contents, style, words and expressions as well as broad cultural understanding.

Book Translation

Book Translation Services

This is a sophisticated and serious working process from translating to editing to have a  work meet the demand of readers. Thanks to its extensive experience, ExperTrans covers different types of materials ranging from cultural books, memoirs and educational materials to technical and economic documents, etc with publishers such as Nhan Van Publishing House, Kim Dong Publishing House, Thanh Nien Publishing House, Science and Technology Publishing House, etc.

Book Translation Services

Expertrans provides the expertise that authors need to spread their words across the world. With more than 3,500 native translators on hand, we are able to handle your books, magazines, newspapers, essays and other writings and translate them into over 140 different languages, helping you to discover thousands of potential readers from every corner of the globe.